The secret of 6A, 22-Momme, 100% Mulberry Silk
11.20.2020 | winssy | The secret of 6A, 22-Momme, 100% Mulberry Silk

When it comes to addictive things, silk is definitely one. After using it, you will know what it's like to fall asleep from softness and wake up from silky smoothness. We all know that silk products have various advantages, reducing fine lines, suppressing mites, and being skin-friendly. Not to mention that ordinary pillowcases are easy to hide dander, grease and other unspeakable microorganisms, and it will also make the hair fragile and rough by friction... ·Just because wrinkles are reduced, hair is not frizzy when waking up, and the quality of skin and sleep are improved a lot, there are enough reasons to buy them! ! !

However, we can imagine that you are confused by the various standards and numbers of silk products when you are shopping online. Some brands will claim that their quality is the best, but they will not tell you a real high-quality silk. What are the product standards? Today I will tell you a few silk standards to help urban girls who want a refined life choose their first silk products.


6A—The highest grade mulberry silk

6A grade mulberry silk refers to the best grade raw silk picked from the embryo. The performance of 6A raw silk The raw silk is smooth, transparent, soft, and elastic, with a soft and elegant luster, and its fabric will produce a unique sing after rubbing against each other. The price difference of different grades of silk will be relatively large. The high-grade embryos have fewer defects on the fabric surface, the thickness of the raw materials is uniform, and the gloss is good. The effect of the fabric after dyeing is also better than that of the low-grade silk embryos.



22-Momme—Perfect balance point of silk bedding

22 millimetres refers to the weight of silk, 1 millimetre = 4.3056 grams/square meter, 22 millimetres = 94.7232 grams/square meter. That is, the weight of one square meter of silk fabric should be approximately equal to 94.7 grams. Momme ranges from 11 moms to 25 moms. Normally, the higher the better, even 19 mm is still considered "lower quality", but 25 mm is too heavy for clothes or bedding, which will affect the feeling of use. So we have found a perfect balance point 22-Momme, if you are shopping for silk products, remember this perfect standard.


100% Mulberry Silk—The highest quality of mulberry silk products

The friction coefficient of Mulberry Silk is the smallest of all natural fibers, only 7.4%, so a good silk pillowcase and eye mask can really help you reduce wrinkles. 100% means that this fabric is entirely composed of Mulberry Silk, without any other inferior silk. Take our eye mask as an example. Its surface is covered by 100% 6A Mulberry Silk Fiber, and the middle is also composed of only 100% Guaze Lining and double layer 100% long Mulberry silk floss. Using silk pillowcases is the most natural skin care. There is no cheap substitute. Of course with Winssy, the more you sleep, the more beautiful.

Therefore, if you are buying a silk product or bedding for use on your body, please remember this standard of 6A, 22-Momme, 100% Mulberry Silk….

And Winssy only provide top 6A, 22-Momme, 100% Mulberry Silk products, The materials of our products are all tested by professional institutions like OEKO-TEX® and SGS, to bring you the ultimate comfort experience for sleep, skin and hair , Guard your tender dream, Adorn your dream.