100% Mulberry Silk

The secret of 6A, 22- Momme, 100% Mulberry Silk

When it comes to addictive things, silk is definitely one. After using it, you will know what it's like to fall asleep from softness and wake up from silky smoothness.

100% Mulberry Silk

What is Mulberry Silk?

Silk is a natural protein fiber, can be woven into textiles, the silk fabrics which are made of mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can find in the world, and it is also the most expensive type of silk in the market.

100% Mulberry Silk

Composition and efficacy for 18 kinds of amino acid in mulberry silk

Glycine (Gly) about 41.81% -Can lower cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent high blood pressure -Prevent blood clotting and thrombosis. -Lowers blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes. -Improves muscle activation and prevents stomach acidity.

100% Mulberry Silk

Silk Pillowcases as Mother’s Day Gifts

Every Mother's Day, children of all ages frantically search for the perfect gift. Though fully aware that our mothers have received more perfumes, lotions, and slippers than they could use in a lifetime, more often than not, this is where we settle. Why? Because they cater to her worthiness of pampering.

100% Mulberry Silk

CashSilk Pillowcases: Fad or the future?mere, at cost.

We have witnessed the recent explosion of bloggers and beauty gurus bringing us along as they are making the switch from the cotton pillowcase to the silk pillowcase, but is this just a passing fad, or is it the way forward?