Silk Wash & Care

PH NATURAL- Silk is weak acidic and needs PH natural detergent cleaning.

HAND WASH -The most easier and faster way is wash by hand, remember to use cold water. Silk doesn’t suitable to soap too long, 3 minutes is good enough, massage it gently when you wash it, rinse in cold water and suggest to add a little vinegar to make our silk more softer and brighter.

MACHINE WASH - Chose a gentle cycle mode for wool/silk and wash under 30 degree with pH neutral detergent, no bleach. Recommend to put them in a mesh bag, and wash silk separate from other items.

DRYING - Roll silk in a soft towel to remove excess water, natural air-drying in the shade. Do not expose to the direct sunlight while drying. Do Not run them through a dryer as silk is not heat resistant.

IRON - If ironing should become necessary, press the damp silk on the reverse side with an iron set on low.

KEEPING - Keep away from touch of pets and sharp objects. We recommend storing in a breathable cotton hanging storage bag to protect silk pillowcase from bugs.